Happy Holidays + Math Chops!

Ready for a break?  We know that’s a big YES!  

Have a great break with family and friends…..and, if you want to keep your math skills up have fun playing DigitWhiz!


12 2013

Ready to go? Welcome to the ’13 – ’14 School Year!


Build Rock Solid Math Skills!

 It’s going to be an interesting year for a lot of us given the Common Core adoption in so many states.   We’re super excited that DigitWhiz is aligned to the Common Core (http://www.digitwhiz.com/commoncore/), but even MORE excited that DigitWhiz helps students build rock solid skills!  When kids have strong skills they feel more confident and are able to be better critical thinkers.  As teachers we know this to be true.  We have a Free Flyer (attached to this post), to help spread the word about DigitWhiz!  We certainly appreciate your support by sharing, tweeting and telling your colleagues.  Have a WONDERFUL start to your new year!


08 2013

Hats off to Mrs. Borchardt’s 3rd Graders!

We love it when teachers and students let us now about how they are using DigitWhiz. Mrs. Borchardt, a third grade teacher in Wisconsin, did just that.

Here’s what Mrs. Borchardt told us, “We love DigitWhiz! It is really motivating my students to master their facts. Each time a student masters a certain set of facts (x2, x4, etc.) they get to put their name and the fact group on a star and tape it to our classroom door. We are hoping to have our door covered with stars by the end of the year! They also get a star on the “Math Fact All Stars” wall when they have mastered all of their multiplication and division facts. The ability to monitor students is awesome! Thank you for offering such a wonderful resource at no charge!”.

Thank you to Mrs. Borchardt and her kids!


03 2013

Basic Skills = Better College Prep Test Scores!

I recently read an interesting research article stating that students who have strong math skills do much better on PSAT’s which prep for college admission tests.  My experience confirms this as I’ve witnessed hundreds of kids who struggle w/math master skills which in turn gets them back on track – mathematically speaking.  You can read the article here: http://www.psypost.org/2013/01/study-reveals-new-link-between-basic-math-skills-and-psat-math-success-15799







01 2013

Happy New School Year!

DigitWhiz is all about helping kids master foundational math skills so they can be successful in pre-algebra and beyond.   We hope that you make DigitWhiz a part of this year’s curriculum whether it be with your whole class, an intervention class, after school program or at home!

We are excited about some recent changes that we made to DigitWhiz including launching a new Home Page.  The LOGIN button is now located near the top right corner.  Also, we added some cool new features for teachers, students and parents.

Let us know if there is a feature that you would like to see!  We are all ears!  And, as always please tell your colleagues, friends and family about DigitWhiz.  It’s 100% FREE!

That’s it for now – have a great first few weeks of school from Digi and the DigitWhiz Team:)




08 2012

Video Testimonial :: 6th Grade Math Student

We are starting to gather some great quotes from parents, kids and teachers who are using DigitWhiz so we thought we would start posting them to share. If you want to share your video or quote with us, please email us at info@digitwhiz.com or just post it on our Facebook page!

Here is the first one. She is one of our 6th grader users who loves DigitWhiz!

Registration is still open to new Beta Users so please feel free to pass this along!


01 2012

Announcing our BETA Launch!

Thank you for all of your support.  We are thrilled to be moving forward w/our BETA launch.  Hope you will sign up to be a BETA tester!
Please click here to view our newsletter announcement:  http://conta.cc/rKxFzR



11 2011

Michael Jordan on “failure”

I recently attended a conference in SF called “Failcon”.  It was all about how we all ‘fail’ before we can succeed.  This is a big lesson for all of us.  I tell my students that you have to make many mistakes along the way to learn math……that it’s more than OK to do that….it’s expected.

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”
Michael Jordan


11 2011

Love or Hate Math? What my parents said……

So, at back to school night last week I gave the parents of my 6th graders a survey.  One question said, “As an adult, where are you on the love/hate scale when you think about math?” They marked an “X” along a line with the words hate and love at opposite ends.

Here are the results:

  • 11%: Hate it
  • 30%: In the middle
  • 33%: Middle/leaning toward Love
  • 26%: Love it

My experience as a math teacher is that what parents think about math has a direct effect on their child’s perceptions about math. That often translates into kids feeling like they “can” or “can’t” do math. I love it when parents are open minded and have a positive attitude about learning math!


10 2011

Visit us at www.digitwhiz.com

We are up and running at www.digitwhiz.com  We would love for you to check out ourr Home Page,  About Sections (in the footer), and Sign Up for our upcoming BETA launch!  Digi says thank you and happy Friday to all!


09 2011