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We're sad to announce that DigitWhiz will be ending on 12/18/2020. It has been our pleasure helping you master fundamental math skills. Until then, we are having a FINAL SALE with our subscription prices greatly reduced.
"My students LOVE DigitWhiz! It's very user friendly."
-Kathy Milan, 4th Grade Teacher
"DigitWhiz is real math! It helped my daughter build her math esteem
and ALL of her grades sky-rocketed."
-Rebecca G., 6th Grade Parent
"You feel like you're having fun, but you're actually learning."
-JT, Elementary School Student
"DigitWhiz develops student mastery in essential math topics through
engaging games and activities!"
-Frank Marra, Middle School Math Coach

DigitWhiz is an online, games-based program aligned to the Common Core that guides kids ages 8+ to master key foundational skills in five areas:

We've collected data over the last two years that shows kids making huge gains. In this real example, the class average for 25 students started out at 54% mastery of multiplication facts. The class average increased to 95% mastery in only 91 minutes related game play per student.

Easily integrate DigitWhiz into your school day or have kids play at home.
Reach all of your students — whether they are behind or need a challenge.

Kids love games and teachers love games that teach. We do both and encourage kids to keep going by earning awards every step of the way!

multiplication • division • integer operations • like terms • solving equations
pinpoint current skills → get results fast
math intervention • whole class • after school • at home
solo and multiplayer games • prizes • awards
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Our analytics pinpoint exactly which math skills kids know and which they need to learn.

We prescribe adaptive games that teach and make practice fun!

Kids master the skills needed for pre-algebra, the Common Core and beyond!

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