The DigitWhiz Story

After years of trying out way too many programs to help her struggling math students which didn't work, veteran teacher and math intervention coach Kasey Brown came up with the idea of creating her own program to reach her students.
She knew first-hand the challenge teachers face daily in teaching the fast-paced math curriculum and at the same time having to help kids catch up. Kasey teamed up with games developer and math aficionado Elliot Feinberg and DigitWhiz was underway! DigitWhiz began with one game and quickly snowballed into the program it is today – helping hundreds of thousands of students across the US and World-Wide.

Our Team

Kasey Brown, Co-Founder —

Kasey spent 19 years as a classroom teacher and math intervention coach. After watching hundreds of kids struggle with math, she created DigitWhiz. When Kasey was in the 6th grade, she couldn't multiply and never dreamed that she would become a math teacher. Because of this, she's passionate about helping kids master math. She also loves animals and has two rescue chihuahuas, Lola and Lancer. Lola appears in some of the games.

Elliot Feinberg, Co-Founder —

Elliot has been a web and games developer since high school. He holds double degrees in math and physics. He's been working on DigitWhiz from the very first game. Especially, because his mom is a teacher, he feels strongly about helping kids learn math. He has a rescue mutt named Frankie and loves animals.