• What do I need to play DigitWhiz? You need Adobe Flash Player version 10.1 or higher. We support all modern browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari) as well as IE8+
      Check out the Tech Requirements to run DigitWhiz.
      Will DigitWhiz run on my iPad? Yes! Download it for free! As a teacher, how can I get started?
      1. Sign up.
      2. Import a class list or add students manually (it's fast). Your students are now ready to go and can log in.
      3. Use your teacher dashboard to view student progress and see results.
      Is DigitWhiz aligned to the Common Core? Yes! DigitWhiz focuses on foundational math skills which are the building blocks of the Common Core.
      Learn more here.
      As a parent, how can I get started?
      1. Sign up as an individual. You may sign up more than one child by registering each seperately.
      2. Have your child sign in and get started.
      3. You can view your child's progress by going to their User Reports binder.
      What makes DigitWhiz fun? Lots of things!
      Kids play individual and multiplayer games, earn points, reedeem virtual prizes and collect awards every step of the way. Real time stats and reports reinforce, motivate and build math esteem.
      What foundational skills does DigitWhiz teach? DigitWhiz covers multiplication, division, integer operations, like terms and solving equations. Have more questions? Contact us!