Making sure that your students have rock solid math skills is key to doing well in pre-algebra, algebra, the Common Core and beyond.

DigitWhiz uses adaptive games to help kids catch up or get ahead in a timely manner!

3 Reasons Teachers Love DigitWhiz:

Setup your class fast + get detailed student data right away.
We've made it easy for you to get your class setup — you can even upload your class roster. And, we've got data and reports galore! Easily view whole class and individual student data through your very cool teacher dashboard.


Students are motivated to learn!
Our short, but accurate placements provide a starting point and identify current abilities for each of your students. Based on this data, we prescribe and update solo and multi-player games that teach and allow for practice. Kids who are behind catch up and kids who are proficient are challenged.

DigitWhiz focuses on five key skills:
multiplication, division, integer ops, like terms, solving equations.
We are aligned to the Common Core.
Want more details? Check out: How does it work?


See real results which builds math confidence.

Check out what teachers and parents have to say here!

"DigitWhiz helps all of my students at the same time. My students love DigitWhiz!"
Mona Ricard, 2012 Teacher of the Year, Mount Diablo Unified
"My students LOVE DigitWhiz!
It's very user friendly."
Kathy Milan, 4th Grade Teacher
"Individualized, self-paced, and highly engaging! I see students that had given up on math gain confidence fundamental knowledge required for future success!"
Ryan Sisco, Math Teacher, Charlotte High, MI